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Welcome to the ICOPA Accreditation program.

Traditionally law enforcement has attempted to lift itself into the prestigious position called "Professionalism."  We do this by frequently using the term, applying it to new programs and new technology.  In many areas we have made attempts to standardize training on a statewide basis, entrance level requirements for police officers have been developed, but these efforts are largely driven by fiscal implications resulting from risk and liability.

Much has been done in the state of Idaho to improve and upgrade law enforcement to a level of responsibility beyond statutory requirements.  The Idaho Chiefs of Police Association has recognized that there is a need to develop minimum standards.  We must first be recognized as having levels of proficiency, or equally practice our trade with common, specific guidelines.

This document represents a collection of minimum requirements that we feel are necessary to enhance "professionalism" in Idaho law enforcement.  Please note that they are not one hundred percent complete but represent those areas where controversy often arises, where the police are at risk or liable, where poorly written procedures can result in embarrassment and where the police image can suffer.  We all recognize that if one department or officer comes under question the entire law enforcement community comes under fire.

The Professional Standards Committee of the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association recognizes that some of the standards mandated here may cause a financial hardship for some agencies.  It is felt, however, that the overriding consideration should be the minimum standards necessary for professionalization of police work rather than the financial implications.  The Association will offer advice and counsel to any chief who desires it and assistance in the implementation of these standards.


Chief James H. Benham (1992)
Chief Edward L. Guthrie (2002)
Chief R. David Moore (2011)








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